We Marionettes Statement

I play with my figures as children play with toys”

My experience as a teacher in my hometown Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia moved me to create a series of marionettes and puppets based on my students lives that metaphorically talked about control, manipulation and power. With time, these marionettes and puppets helped me to touch diverse aspects about our human condition. Lately, I have felt more committed to respond to the social and political situation of my home country, Colombia, which is also a reflection of what happens in a global outlook. So my ceramic figures extended their previous morphological features and from puppets, they branched out into different kind of toys.

The meaning of toys as objects or channels of entertainment, training, learning and recreation was the foundation to create this repertoire of childhood icons. However, from a very personal sense, my toys symbolically have become social portraits. I want to represent symbolically with my toys our intrinsic and complex human behavior. For many people, our relationship to politics, religion, education and the human being itself are ideals to improve, cherish or even die for. For others, these institutions and constructs are simple subjects used for personal gain as if it were a game.

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