Instructions on How to Fly

The premise of this experimental film is based upon a script I wrote in response to the work of surrealist artists: writer Julio Cortazar and painter Frida Kahlo.

This 5 minutes surrealist film is divided in three sections.
The first depicts the hands of Leslie Hinton (amazing artist) drawing interpretively after being read my poem. Leslie has now become Diana Farfan’s marionette who is giving directions to fly, in her unique way, through pen, paper and emotions.

The second segment features the ‘Kite Woman’ (Farfan’s ceramic marionette), who observes the drawn directions. This precedes her departure. She has learned to fly. She doesn’t possess wings, but instead strings control her.

Finally, in the third section, ‘Too Much Hope’ (Farfan’s ceramic marionette), watches “Kite Woman” from her swinging pedestal in dark isolation. She is conscious that her broken and rusty pair of wings won’t relieve her from her desire to fly. Her weighty existence and corroded metal appendages is all she has. However, her condition holds hope in Frida Kahlo’s words:

Feet, what do I need them if I have wings to fly?”