Artist statement

I am interested in creating stories.

Stories in which I see myself reflected, and those in which others can be reflected, too.

Politics, culture and religion are the three main components that give structure to my narratives. The common rule of etiquette… “Never talk about religion or politics” is broken with my figures.

For me, these happen to be exciting and passionate topics to get to know humans better. Humans are very complex individually, and even more collectively, and in society we form an unintelligible system of action and reaction. These are aspects that I question through my work.
The way I build my compositions is through a visual vocabulary, which is a combination of metaphors and symbols with anatomical references. I want my narratives to visually reveal some aspects of how I understand our human nature in search for identity, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, love, and especially, balance.

Working with clay as my material and ceramic as my medium allows me to construct and communicate my thoughts. While my major goal is to make figures that appear to be surreal but grounded, playful but serious, emotional but rational, funny but anguished, joyful but melancholic; my major challenge with them is to express a non-traditional beauty that is sensitive and intimate.

When my work makes someone feel intrigued or disturbed, I’m glad to have touched a nerve fiber, but when my work makes someone react emotionally with a smile or a teardrop, I know I’ve successfully hit the target.